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What plastic packaging is, how to order?
[Date:2015/11/13]   [Read:1019]

What plastic packaging is? Plastic packaging is a plastic thermal processing shaping technology, plastic packaging products thickness is generally between 0.01 ~ 0.1cm, that is to say the thickness of the thin plastic packaging products, typically used for product packaging.

Previous talked about why the popularity of pvc plastic packaging which tells about the advantages of pvc plastic packaging, in fact, a variety of plastic material has its own advantages, but also the scope of its respective applicable. Plastic packaging products can be made into a variety of plastic packaging products, all kinds of plastic boxes, tray holder, blister blister and other shapes of goods everywhere. In todays increasingly common presence of plastic packaging, has gradually replaced the original packaging of some products, the advantages of gradually revealed, any custom shape plastic packaging, to solve some of the traditional packaging products can not be effectively fixed the problem.

In fact, we have probably learned the convenience of plastic packaging, however, how to order? This relatively few people know.

Plastic packaging plant can provide customers samples directly pirated production, style high accuracy, convenient mold making. If there is no actual samples, customers can also be customized to provide a clear plastic packaging products design, size and shape of the relevant requirements, manufacturers can also be produced in accordance with the relevant dimensions. If there is no relevant information of plastic packaging products, we can also provide the actual product image and packaging requirements, manufacturers of plastic packaging products according to product design.

After the usual plastic packaging plant will be able to solve customer problems blister packaging design, there is no need for the customer to do the troubles of plastic packaging design, to determine a good product specifications, material and thickness, no problem other processes. Attention should be primarily that belong custom processing plastic packaging products, develop new mold takes time, and production requires a certain period, the customer should advance began customized plastic packaging products, in order to avoid delays in product packaging, resulting in unnecessary losses.