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The new technology can be applied plastic packaging
[Date:2015/11/13]   [Read:1125]

Pneumatic technology is one of production process automation and mechanization effective means in blister packaging, with high speed and efficiency, clean, safe, low cost and easy maintenance, etc., are widely used in the field of light industry machinery, food packaging and production the process is also playing an increasingly important role.

NPC Environmental and Resources Protection Committee, the official said, a key factor in solving the problem of excessive packaging is to regulate and guide enterprises, especially in food and health products industry, the company, in the design and production processes to reduce packaging consumption of resources, reduce waste generation .

In the non-food area, pneumatic technology is mainly used for sealing bags, packaging, labeling, testing and capping plastic food packaging and other devices, even though the pneumatic components in the region without touching raw materials, but usually still need to have a standardized, easy clean, intelligent environmental protection and compact structure. Because todays food packaging equipment required to achieve more functionality in a limited space, so the size requirements are increasingly stringent pneumatic components. Typical products include British NORGREN easy and February 27 to submit to the Standing Committee for consideration a draft two reviewers compared to February 29 clean production promotion law adopted two draft review of the relevant provisions "to reduce excessive use of packaging materials and generation of packaging wastes.

"Further modified to" reduce the generation of packaging wastes shall not be excessive packaging. "

According to the Xian plastic factory industry analyzed, although the economic situation is not optimistic, the pace of growth slowed, inflation, it is expected that in 2012 Indias polymer and plastics market will steadily expand. Meanwhile, the film industry and the field of procurement activities go slow pipeline, expected 2012 demand rose just 4% polyethylene. In addition, as national policy reasons, limited use of plastic bags, high-density polyethylene demand slowdown.

However, for plastics manufacturers, the macro new market trends, a key part of the challenge is how to develop rigid plastic packaging industry and traditional plastic packaging industry as well. In the development of rigid plastic packaging, the major manufacturers in order to maintain sales, increase sales profits, manufacturers are affecting the material properties of plastic processing for also showing more flexibility to provide different shapes of packaging, to meet different customer demand. The new polymer product family --AMPLIFYTMTY functional polymer, the product contains a variety of interlayer adhesion layer products with different features, for a wide range of barrier packaging applications. Such excellent tack adhesive layer can be bonded together with a thin film barrier material or other substrate materials used in soft packaging, and help to improve the overall performance of the package.