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Plastic packaging products manufacturing processes and production process introduced
[Date:2015/11/13]   [Read:1353]

Price level of plastic products with the following factors: length, width and height of the complexity of the plastic products and plastic molding; the type of material used, thickness and color; Road after processing plastic products (Flap, fight hole, sealing, etc.), order quantity and order cycle (where the number of orders is a key factor in pricing, because every machine has a sheet debugging and power loss the greater the number, the smaller the loss, offer relatively low; The number of The fewer, the greater the energy consumption, offer relatively higher.). Members will offer customers samples and description have an initial offer, final offer will be reported after proofing.

Computer design plastic products:

After the offer basic customer for approval, will be requested, physical or plastic samples submitted to the Department, production scheduling will require a computer design department will scan the customers physical and combined print design, graphic design to produce plastic products.

Plastic proofing:

After customer acceptance draft of computer design, production scheduling will be determined according to the complexity of the plastic products which way the development of mold (plaster mold, copper mold, aluminum mold), the development cycle of 3-5 days.

Plastic proofing plaster mold proofing majority, the steps are:

1. First-kind handmade clay paste with the molding contour;

2. Forming blister blanks into the plastic making machine;

3. special plaster with a good plastic blanks into the blister to form gypsum rough air-dried;

4. The use of electric milling machine for plaster rough and irregular shape for further processing;

5. The hand-polished and manually add components;

6. various polishing good plaster components bonded into a complete plaster mold;

7. then placed in plastic making machine plastic molding complete sample;

8. Press the finished size, hand-trimming, edge banding, complete all the proofing process. If there is demand, printing proofing department also will blister paper card used samples, along with stickers or box making, printing the actual printing of digital proofer can result they will be reflected by means full.

Production of plastic production molds:

After the sample is recognized by customers, usually under a certain number of production orders.

Production scheduling will decide which mold production according to the complexity of the production, plastic molding:

1, using the plaster mold production, mold production process similar to plastic proofing, the advantage of short production cycle, the lowest cost to produce a full-page (60X110cm) die just one to two days time, the downside is that the finished surface roughness of plastic , production mold shatter easily, poor durability can not be molded depth, complexity is high, the sheet thickness of the product.

2, using electroplating copper mold, the process is to lay the kind of blister surface sprayed with a conductive agent, and then into the electrolyzer coated with a thick layer of copper plating process takes 72 hours, and then want to mold were filling gypsum (hardness increase), polishing, cheer eye treatment, using the advantages of electroplating copper mold production is a smooth surface plastic products, moderate cost, durability, the disadvantage is long mold production cycle, unable to complete the production of precision plastic products . 3, the use of aluminum-plastic production, mold making need to use computer design drawings, then using the CNC milling machine, the advantage is moderate production cycle, post-mold processing time is short (drill gas eyes work done at CNC machining), plastic Product size and high precision, mold durability, the disadvantage is the high cost.

Due to the range of high-speed automatic plastic molding machine it is about 66X110cm, so whether it is plaster mold, mold or aluminum mold, we need a single mold pieces together to achieve molding size, we call this process as a make-up, needs on stomata fight lay aluminum or wood, after a good fight full-page mold we call the bottom die. 4, for the depth of a large plastic molding products, but also need to make the mold, the bottom mold the sheet vacuum forming at the same time, pressure is applied from above the sheet, the sheet is stretched evenly to every part, otherwise it will cause local thickness is too thin. The entire production cycle of production molds should be 5-7 days.

Plastic molding production:

Using automatic high-speed plastic molding machine production, the basic principle is: the rolled sheet is heated to soften the state pulled into the electric furnace oven, by hot and then pulled over the plastic mold, the mold shift and vacuum, softened sheet is adsorbed to the surface of the mold, while cooling water was sprayed to the molding surface of the sheet, cured, molded sheet and then automatically pulled to the storage silo, and pneumatically molding cutter will not molded sheet separated, thus completing the whole process.

Most plastic products quality problems arise mainly occur in this process:

1. Plastic in place, refers to the shape deformation, not plastic into the mold of the same shape of the product;

2. Plastic excessive, refers to the product too thin;

3. The cable refers to undue line marks appear on the molded product;

4. uneven thickness. These issues need after Shanghao mold, debugging in place, including: the time sheets ahead, temperature and time of heating, vacuum strength and time, the upper die falling position, time and depth, imposition placed in the mold position, whether to raise between mold accessories and so on.

Punch processing plastic products:

Plastic molding of large format products must go through punching, with a knife version is divided into a single product. The principle is in the punch at the end stage with a large sheet of plastic cutting boards, the large format molding products on the chopping block, and the cutter card well in advance on a single product, through the up and down movement of the punch, cutting out single finished .


Punch blanked products, through quality inspector after inspection by a certain number of containers shipped to the customer.