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Plastic bags printed classification
[Date:2015/11/13]   [Read:1173]

Styles range from colorful plastic packaging products can be found, and now some commodity plastic packaging has not only the pursuit of practical, commercial, its art should not be ignored. Mainstream technology for packaging printing, gravure printing, especially gravure plate should also strengthen exchanges and simultaneous development of the packaging. In this paper, I summarize only in prepress production Gravure Engraving some experience to share with their peers, learn.

Plastic bags Categories

A wide variety of plastic bags, specifications uncertain, therefore, the design and production staff often ignored bag way, the result is that, although the draft design beautifully, but the resulting product packaging but substandard of man, even as scrap. Experience tells us that only in understanding common packaging product categories, based on the design ideas to enjoy the play, to eliminate the bag does not meet the design process works, design a practical and perfect product packaging.

Plastic bags can be divided according to three-side seal bag, the bottom sealing, three-dimensional letters and flakes in four categories.

Trilateral closure is sealed in bags four weeks, we are back dimensions are the finished size, with a certain sense of the overall design unfettered, and before and after the design has a certain coherence. Due to the positive, on the back of the same size, can be designed to the front, so that the back and front echo. When a positive plate, back to arrange on the same set of drums.

The bottom seal on the back of the seal, positive dimension to the finished size, the back is divided into two equal parts, and having a width equal to the sum of the width of the front, usually in the design is the positive, on the back swing, integrated design and about Each add 1cm edge, positive, on the back are the same set of drums. Stereo in the envelope on the basis of the bottom seal on both sides of the stereo plus side, is back, as are on the same side of a drum on 3 sides.

Flakes Due to the limitations of printed material, its positive and negative must be designed separately, separate plate, can not appear on the same set of drums.