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Common food plastic packaging are there?
[Date:2015/11/13]   [Read:1385]

1, plastic food boxes: plastic boxes are boxed food presented in a way, there are two styles of folding plastic boxes and plastic boxes of heaven and earth cover. Common folded plastic boxes, such as: plastic egg cartons, fruit crisper, bread boxes, bread boxes and other packaging, food heaven and earth covered plastic boxes have lunch boxes, microwave crisper and so on.

2, Food Blister care: food plastic packaging plastic tray directly commonly used for packaging trays and trays, common is the variety of supermarket fresh tray directly used for packaging various agro-food , then covered with a layer of plastic wrap. Packaging plastic tray used within a variety of food packaging, food packaging, for fixing and the role of protection products, such as biscuits packaging, seafood packaging;

3, plastic enclosures, plastic blister packaging: food packaging will also have some use to blister blister class, but most of them are used in food packaging, not in direct contact with food.

Plastic food packaging shapes diversification, specific packaging shape and performance requirements to the specific needs of the product shall prevail, plastic food packaging requirements clean, environmentally friendly materials based materials, such as: PET, PP, PS and so on.